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HEMATITE - We focus on the job and the inspections - the rest we manage with DRIVE NDT

HEMATITE Bv is a company based in Mortsel, Belgium and specializes in NDT inspection with conventional techniques. Their experience stretches through various sectors, such as mechanical and steel engineering, chemical and petrochemical, and oil and gas.

Whether evaluating welding quality or investigating other production process issues, HEMATITE can detect and prove any irregularities through efficient testing methods. The company has been using the DRIVE NDT management software since its foundation for the complete handling of its NDT process. Ensuring material quality is the passion of the two founders, Kenny Van Eetvelde and Jeroen Mampaey, which is why they carry out inspections using different testing methods and always keep an eye on meeting customer needs. It is also why the two business partners were keen to optimize their company processes to make their colleagues’ daily work easier and offer their customers the best service.


Kenny Van Eetvelde and Jeroen Mampaey describe DRIVE NDT as a great asset that creates a structure for the business and optimizes processes.

In the interview, the two founders highlight in particular the centralized data management and the resulting fast viewing and processing of customer information and test reports. The software saves the company “a lot of time that we can better spend on other things to grow our business.” Another reason HEMATITE chose DRIVE NDT according to Jeroen Mampaey was its simple and intuitive user interface, which allows staff to focus on the essential tasks of an inspection rather than administrative tasks. Kenny Van Eetvelde adds, “We’ve also received compliments from our customers about how consistent and professional the inspection reports are.”

"DRIVE NDT saves a lot of time that we can better spend on other things to grow our business.“
Kenny Van Eetvelde & Jeroen Mampaey, HEMATITE

All new orders are now created in DRIVE NDT and are linked to the corresponding inspection objects and customer data. Inspection in the field then takes place and at the end of the working day the inspection reports are generated with one click in DRIVE NDT. As Jeroen Mampaey puts it: “DRIVE NDT maximizes what you can get out of a workday.”

Both emphasize how useful such management software is for smaller companies, as it gives customers the feeling that they are being provided with a professional service.

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